Indian wedding in Milano – Italy


I realized I was thinking of you,
and I began to wonder how long you’d been on my mind.
Then it occurred to me:
Since I met you, you’ve never left.


Greta and Vishal are a nice couple that decided to getting married with an Indian wedding in Milano – Italy . She’s Italian and he’s Indian. They met in America during Greta’s university time and they fell in love. Their wedding has been divided in to two parts, the first one, the official Indian ceremony under the gazebo created for the occasion and the second one, a perfect European wedding in the Romantic Villa Elena (Milano).

I had the pleasure to take pictures of a true and genuine union of culture and religions. Villa Elena is a perfect background for an European wedding and also offers space for a ceremony in perfect Indian style.

The morning of the wedding’s day I arrived to the Villa Elena with my assistant and after some minutes I met Greta and the make-up artist. All was ready for the beginning. Greta was a little bit jumpy but perfect and gorgeous.

It was my first Indian wedding day and I was really excited. All was new to me, and I couldn’t miss anything. I couldn’t do less than taking pictures of everything.

The ceremony of this Indian wedding in Milano – Italy

In a first part of the ceremony Greta had to carry out preparatory rituals, and then finally she met her beloved at the gazebo. He had arrived to the ceremony dancing with his relations and friends on Indian music. It was a really amazing moment. I was deeply fascinated and conquered.

All the ceremony was different from the usual and ordinary to which i’m accustomed . Anyway, all was wonderful and fascinating, i was in love with everything .

After the ceremony and some shots in which Greta and Vishal were still dressed in traditional Indian ceremony clothes, they came back to the villa and changed their look into the European style.
She dressed a silk dress with floral motifs and he was really elegant in his smoking.
The wedding party got on with speeches, good food, dances and amusements.

WEDDING PLANNER : Gianfranco Asti
LOCATION : Villa Elena Ferrari
CATERING : Doma Food
FIORISTA : Patrizia Ravarelli
MAKE-UP: Lisa Botticelli

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